What is Jessica Salvador up to?

I am an illustrator working in watercolour paint, pen and ink. I aspire to create visual art that conveys happiness, creates wonder and sets your imagination to wander. There’s as much happiness, wonder and imagination in it for the viewer as there is for me, as the artist. Win-win.

A lifelong artist.

I have been drawing, painting, cutting, shaping and playing with art since I was a young girl. I remember being bent over my desk sitting in the bright light of my big bedroom window, making stuff. My favourite summer camp was at Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario, in the biggest studio workshop you have ever seen (I was nine!), filled with print making equipment, easels, sculpture tools and endless art supplies.

How to use this website.

Please browse through this website and enjoy the hand drawn illustrations. If you like the art on these pages, please pass it on. Your word of mouth is what makes my world go round.

Hold me to this statement.

My goal is to be a professional artisan selling original artwork and prints, as well as licensing my art for gift cards and publishing a children’s picture book. That’s a lot! My motto this year(2015) is to Work. Get the work done. Art-work. Work, work, work.

Jessica Salvador