Do you love hand-drawn illustrations? Looking to collect a striking piece of art to hang on the walls? Then this letter is for you.

I often think of the concept that art can evoke an emotional response in some art lovers, but not others. That’s the beauty of art. It can’t be good or bad, ascribe to rules, or attain perfection. Art is personal. And the way you appreciate art is what makes you uniquely you. That’s why your collection is one of a kind. It’s your kinda collection.

When creating new pieces, I love having a huge pile of paper at hand. It takes some of the pressure off, releases steam from the idea that each piece has to achieve something. My attitude these days is that if an illustration doesn’t work, I can do it again. And I do. Lots. It’s fun for me. If I can plan out my drawing so that it conveys my message more clearly, then I do it again. Why not? There’s tons of paper.

Knowing that you are out there, looking for my kinda art to fit in your kinda collection is why I created this blog. From now on I’m working on two things: creating many illustrations and getting this blog into as many nooks and crannies of the blogosphere so you can find me. And your new hand drawn work of art.

Dear Art Collector,

I look forward to meeting you.